Carpathia Kickers Take Over the 2017 Midland Invitational Tournament

May 16, 2017

The Carpathia Kickers had four teams in the 2017 Midland Invitational Tournament.  Each of the four teams won their tournament games and made it to the finals. The U12 boys and the U10 boys won their Championship game!!  Congratulations to the players and to their coaches – Carl Territo (U12) and Dan Parsons (U10).   Both of the U11 teams were Finalists.  Great job boys and coaches – Carl Territo (U11 Blue) and Thomas Eschenberg (U11 Yellow)  Nearly every Kickers game had a sideline full of supporters.  It was awesome!  The boys loved cheering on their fellow Kickers, and the players truly enjoyed having all of the support on the sideline.  Each goal scored came with a lot of cheering, whistling, high-fives, and hugs. What an epic weekend for the Carpathia Kickers!  CONGRATULATIONS KICKERS!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!