2016 winner of Mathias Mayer award – Tim Busch

December 11, 2016


Tim Busch 2016 Mathias Meyer award winner

Carpathia Kickers Members,
Last night I received the very prestigious 2016 Mathias Mayer Award.  I am very grateful to have been nominated and selected as winner.  As it was very much a surprise, I was not prepared to properly thank everyone involved.  I would like to thank the selection committee for recognizing my efforts in helping out and promoting youth soccer within the Kicker Organization.  I would also like to thank my parents who before me, volunteered a great amount of time to not only build the Kicker program but also build youth soccer throughout Macomb County.  Whether they were coaching, managing or even going around the various cities requesting to build fields that still remain today so that we would have nice fields to play on remains a great accomplishment.  I truly am grateful to be able to carry on this family tradition.  I would like thank my wife Julie for allowing me and sharing with me the opportunities to help out the Kickers.  Thank you so much.
I would very much like to share my history about a great individual for which this award is named after.  I first remember Mr. Mayer from watching my dad play on the 1st Team. He was the treasurer of the club and every game he would stand by the gate and collect the entrance fee.  My friends and I would stand with him making sure everyone was paying.  We were probably 8 or 9 years old. As I got older and played on the youth teams and 1st Team, I would always see him at the club or on the fields.  He would be working every banquet, keeping track of all the teams, sitting on league boards and also helping soccer grow in Metro Detroit. He was always one of the “old timers” I would make sure I made a point to say hi to or sit down with him talk soccer about the Kickers and their rich history.  He would talk about my dad playing days and other players I grew up watching and respecting.  I enjoyed every conversation with him My Mayer was a great individual and a great Kicker who dedicated himself to the great sport of soccer.  Later on, as I became more involved with the youth program, he gave me some advice I will never forget, probably the last conversation I was able to have with him.  He said, no matter how much time to spend helping the Kickers, your family is still first.  Only I will know how much this award means to me, and it means a lot to be associated with Mathias Mayer.
Thank you
Tim Busch