Hall of Fame

Past & present Hall of Fame recipients at the 2018 Kickers Banquet.

The Carpathia Kickers Hall of Fame was established in 2010 and is the greatest honor that can be bestowed on anyone affiliated with the Kickers organization. It was established to recognize the achievements of those whose accomplishments and effects upon the sport merit the highest acclaim. A Hall of Fame inductee may be a Player, Coach, Manager, Referee, Volunteer, or Supporter of the Carpathia Kickers organization.

2018 Inductees

Bruce Wilden
Adolph Reichert
Dieter Busch
Tim Busch
Paul Doroh

2017 Inductees

Jeff Janisch
Erika Hielscher
Ed Mueller
Mark Fournier
Helmut Egger
Bela Frenzli

2016 Inductees

Jim Stachura
Mario Piacentini
Giovanni Piscareta

2015 Inductees

Ralph Schwager

2014 Inductees

Tony Tittjung
Marty Hagen
Lorenz Dietz
Linda McVettie
Keith McVettie

2013 Inductees

John Huth
Anton Matye
Kurt Seiberling

2012 Inductees

Guenter(Jack) Huss
Mike Talan
Wille Dewald
1962 US Amateur Team

2011 Inductees

Josef Haecker
Mathias Mayer
Werner Bock
Hans Geier
Robert Wilden
Josef Toepfner
Hal Mayer
Theresa Novak

2010 Inductees

The 1952 Original Kickers Mens 1st Team
Peter Wild
Philip Hammer
Arthur Beneker
Gerhardt Mengel